Which Realtor Association Should I Join?

There are several Realtor Associations in the Northern Virginia area. These include the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors, the Chesapeake Bay & Rivers Association of Realtors, and the Fairfax REALTORS Association. Joining one of these organizations through the Del Aria Team website will help you learn more about the real estate industry in Fairfax and the surrounding communities.

Northern Virginia Association of Realtors

The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors (NVAR) is a professional organization that offers many benefits to its members. Its services include professional standards enforcement, market statistics, issues lobbying, legislative reviews, multiple listing services, lockbox services, and educational opportunities. NVAR also promises to take its members further.

The NVAR is composed of 30 people. Most of its employees are women. However, it does have some men. The most common ethnicity is White, with the least ethnicity being Asian. The average NVAR employee makes $51,667 per year. This is much better than the average Starbucks, which only serves hot drinks with a Starbucks logo.

NVAR is a member-based association that serves over 12,000 state-licensed real estate professionals. It helps members achieve their professional goals by offering continuing education classes and helping members with state licensing requirements. NVAR also helps its members make financial insights available through a monthly subscription plan. Its members also benefit from a list of resources designed to help them build a successful real estate career.

The NVAR is the trade association for real estate professionals in Northern Virginia. The association was founded in 1921 by the Alexandria-Arlington-Fairfax Real Estate Board. Since then, it has expanded to over 12,000 members, closing more than $22,000 transactions and $15 billion in real estate every year. Its membership includes professionals from all areas of the real estate industry.

Chesapeake Bay & Rivers Association of REALTORS

The CHESAPEAKE BAY & RIVERS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS INC does not meet the eligibility requirements for a Leadership & Adaptability score. However, if you’d like to support this nonprofit organization, you can donate to it. The organization is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, so donations may be tax-deductible. To help improve your nonprofit’s scores, you can submit data about its activities through the Nonprofit Portal. You can also download a rating toolkit.

CBRAR members adhere to the highest ethical standards. They follow the Code of Ethics of the Virginia Association of REALTORS and the National Association of REALTORS. They also believe that homeownership is the best investment and the best way to build wealth. Therefore, CBRAR members are encouraged to promote responsible homeownership.


The Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS provides essential information to its members on the local Fairfax VA real estate market. The association also offers classes and equipment for realtors. They also have a Realtor store that sells items such as For Sale and For Rent signs. NVAR’s office is located in a nice office building, with upgraded technology and rooms to rent.

The Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS serves over 12,000 state-licensed real estate professionals. They are a voluntary trade association committed to raising the standards of real estate practice in the region. Their members are dedicated to helping homebuyers and sellers find their perfect homes. The association’s mission is to help people buy and sell properties by offering guidance on every step of the real estate process.

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